• 17 MAY 16
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      ND-How-to-Get-To-Your-Best-Smile-540x280 Health articles

      How To Get… TO YOUR BEST SMILE!

      With numerous recent developments in technology and our understanding of teeth, many things are now possible that weren’t several years ago. There is even the huge resource at your fingertips with “Dr. Google” to help you find out. The benefits in confidence, social and work settings are obvious yet experience shows us that the impact

      • 24 NOV 15
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      dentalerosion-540x149 Health articles

      Do I Have Tooth Wear?

      We all ask the dentist, do I have tooth decay? Or do I have gum disease? These are the right questions you should ask your dentist. However, more and more when I examine my patients I do not find tooth decay or even gum disease, but in almost all my patients I find tooth wear.

      • 23 DEC 16
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      MCND-Dental-Erosion-540x280 Health articles

      Dental Erosion in Children

      What is dental erosion? Although it is excellent news that decay among children has fallen in recent years, a growing problem for children and teenagers is the issue of tooth erosion. According to a recent survey in the UK, 51% of 14-year-old kids have moderate levels of erosion. What is Dental Erosion? Dental erosion is

      • 21 MAR 16
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      ND-Cosmetic-Perfection-540x280 Health articles

      Cosmetic Perfection

      Every conscious mind aspires for cosmetic perfection. However, cosmetic perfection is open to interpretation as one persons perfect is different to another persons perfect. In dentistry we have certain designs and parameters that we use to guide you to your individual cosmetic perfection. Some of these designs exist in nature and were first described as

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