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      Super Sexy Smiles

      Have you noticed we are now investing more in polishing up our smiles. How many adults do you now see who are now sporting braces to straighten their teeth. I even spotted a lady on a dating site smiling and flashing the metal bands!
      In my experience this is usually, triggered by a big event such as weddings, birthdays or divorce. Perhaps it is now just simply fashionable.

      One of the fastest, easiest and most inexpensive ways to do this is to just whiten your teeth. Here is a quick and simple list of what you need to know to get that whiter smile:

      1. Safe whitening

      Just as your dentist is tried and tested, it’s also good to know that they use products and protocols continually developed over 25 years ago. So whitening is a safe treatment that consistently produces good results when done properly.

      2. Only trained dental professionals can whiten teeth

      It is illegal for anyone other than dentists or their teams to carry out teeth whitening. Be careful, as others don’t have the right training and knowledge. If something goes wrong and they can’t help you, then what do you do?

      3. How it works

      The gels dentists use to whiten teeth breakdown into water and gas. The gas penetrates the tooth surface, whitening it. Like hair and skin, teeth vary in colour. Some are more yellow or darker than others, even when they are quite healthy. Teeth do tend to get darker as people get older. Your dentist will be able to select the right gel for your teeth and customise its use for you.

      4. What to expect

      One of the main complications is temporary tooth sensitivity. We dentists know this and will be able to help you should you be one of the few affected.

      5. Over the counter kits might not be safe

      The products you can buy online or from high street shops often fail to declare the precise chemicals used, so it’s very difficult to know how safe they are. The prices astonish me, as even I can’t buy my products at the price they make a profit from. Buying whitening kits is not like buying toothpaste, as the contents and their use can cause serious damage.

      Talking of toothpaste – do not pay premium prices for ‘whitening’ toothpastes. The manufacturers have been taken to task for lack of any real active ingredients to whiten teeth. Their excuse, our toothpastes take the stains off the teeth and therefore whiten the teeth. Guess what ordinary cheap toothpastes too?

      In short, Mother Nature gave you the best she could. However, if you want to enhance it a little, ask your favourite dentist and let him or her help you achieve the smile you want.

      Dr. Amarjit Gill
      BDS London

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