A few words on Singapore wisdom teeth removal

A few words on Singapore wisdom teeth removal

Having wisdom teeth removal done is necessary for quite a few folks in Singapore. The procedure is often done right in our offices by a qualified dental surgeon. If there is a risk of complications or you’re having all of your wisdom teeth extracted at once, we may elect to do the surgery in a hospital setting.

Every Precaution

Our dental surgery team takes every precaution to make sure each and every one of these operations is completely successful. If you’ve got any kind of infection, we can prescribe the right kind of antibiotics before going ahead with the surgery.

People tell us they are afraid of having their wisdom teeth pulled out because of the pain. However, we’re happy to report this is a myth. Our process is innovative and compassionate in that we can administer a local anesthetic so you won’t feel anything during the procedure.

The Entire Process

If we are going to take out all of your wisdom teeth at the same time, a general anesthetic might be the way to go. With this kind of sedation, you’ll sleep through the entire process and wake up once everything is finished.

The Singapore wisdom teeth removal technique we use is innovative and safe. Usually, once the area is injected with an anesthetic, our dental surgeons will remove any gum tissue around the tooth and any bone that needs to be taken away as well. After that, they will carefully remove the wisdom teeth or tooth as the situation dictates.

Certain Core Values

We have certain core values you can rely on whether you’re having a wisdom tooth extracted or a cosmetic dentistry procedure done. The basic foundation of our entire service is integrity and compassion. It’s possible that the tooth might be cut into smaller segments to make it easier to remove. Once the process is over, you’ll get some stitches to close the surgical area so it can heal properly.

After surgery, we recommend that you bite on a gauze pad for at least an hour afterwards. If you’re still bleeding 24 hours after the surgery is done, we’d like you to call us right away.

Helpful Tip

Here’s another helpful tip. While you’re recovering in the initial stages, it’s a good idea not to lie flat on your back. Your head should be elevated and we usually suggest you prop it up with a few pillows to make sure the blood doesn’t pool.

Keep in mind, our Singapore wisdom teeth removal services are industry-leading.

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