All about Seletar Dental Veneers

Seletar dental veneers have a variety of uses. These can be implemented to cover chipped or fractured teeth. A dental veneer can also be used to cover over a cavity. Many of our patients use them as a cosmetic dentistry procedure to correct spacing or alignment issues.

Essentially, veneers are nothing more than tiny shells that are attached to the front edge of your teeth. One of the big attractions of this cosmetic dentistry procedure is the fact veneers are durable. Quite often, they are made of porcelain so they mimic the color of your original teeth or a composite resin.

We pride ourselves on finding the right cosmetic dentistry solution for each and every one of our patients. Not everyone who comes into our offices will be a good candidate for Seletar dental veneers.

Here are just a few reasons why one of our professionals may suggest another option.

  • If you have a cavity or the tooth is otherwise decaying, veneers might not be the sensible option.We always suggest that you have these teeth repaired before attempting to place a dental veneer over top.
  • Examination is the first step toward having this procedure done. Sometimes, our dentists will find there’s not a lot of enamel left on the tooth you’d like to cover. If that’s the case, we will probably suggest something other than a veneer.
  • Many of our patientslove to play sports and some people may lose one or more teeth from a sports related injury or accident. When that’s the case, we like to suggest a crown rather than a dental veneer.

Of course, the first step is coming to see us. Having an initial consultation with our experts is the best way to find out what your choices are. If you take a few minutes to browse our website, you’ll see we work to maintain certain core values. One of them is transparency. It’s very important to us to make sure each and every one of our patients gets the information they need to make an informed decision.

There are some other things that you need to know dental veneers. For example, just like your original set of teeth, these need to be maintained. That means brushing and flossing at least twice a day.

If you think you might like a boost to your existing smile, why not check out our Seletar dental veneers today?


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