A few tips on getting your child ready to see our paediatric dentistry Singapore team

Getting your child ready to see our Paediatric Dentistry Singapore team for the first time doesn’t need to be daunting. Because we’re interested in forming long-lasting relationships with every member of your family, we’ve put together a few tips that should help in this area.

Role Playing

Children all love to play games. This is especially true when they can have fun with their parents. That’s why our first suggestion is role-playing about what a trip to the dentist’s office might be like. Although the exact nature of the game is totally up to you and your son or daughter, we do have a few suggestions about the things that might work.

  • Everything should be positive. Whether mom or dad plays the patient or dentist, it’s important that you stay in an upbeat mood and make everything that happens look like fun. Providing this kind of groundwork will give your child the impression that a trip to the dentist is going to be as much fun as the games you played before at home.
  • Language is also very important. Our Paediatric Dentistry Singapore specialists always cautioned parents about using certain words like drill or injection before they bring their children in for a first visit. Other words like cleaning and phrases like healthy teeth are important to give your child a positive impression of what’s going to happen the first time they set foot in our offices.

We are always available if you’d like to get in touch with us first. That way you’ll be able to go over a few topics with us that can help prepare your child for that first visit. There are a few topics that we might like to go over with you before you bring your son and daughter in and these can include:

  • what to do about some habits that we’d like to see eliminated like thumb sucking.
  • The different developmental milestones you should be looking for as a parent like the first tooth and how to brush your child’s teeth
  • what proper nutrition looks like has your child develops dentally.

One of the other things that’s very important for adeveloping child is regular dental checkups. It’s important for us to have a routine that develops well into adulthood. That’s why we usually suggest that you bring your child in every six months so their relationship with the dentist begins to build. We’ve always found that’s the best way to develop the kind of confidence and trust that expands into their adult years.

Our Paediatric Dentistry Singapore services are always available to help.

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