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Dental Fillings Singapore

Dental fillings are used to restore a tooth which has been damaged by decay back to its normal function and shape. When a NUFFIELD DENTAL Dentist does a filling, the decayed tooth material is first removed, the affected area is cleaned, then a suitable filling material is placed and shaped to form the tooth.

Fillings essentially restore the form and shape of a tooth and especially closing off spaces where bacteria can enter. Hence, fillings can also help prevent further decay. Common materials used for fillings include composite resin & gloss-ionomer (tooth-coloured fillings). Other types of dental fillings also include Porcelain, Gold & Amalgam. All NUFFIELD DENTAL are mercury and amalgam free.

Benefits of Dental Fillings

The main benefit of dental fillings is to restore function & appearance of the tooth. Dental Fillings can also help to repair teeth which have been destroyed by decay or infection. Thereby, protecting the underlying dental pulp which contains the nerve and blood vessels.

Dental fillings can be used on teeth which are worn-down or fractured to strength the tooth and restore their normal shape and function. Nowadays, modern and good quality composite resin filling materials can be very minimally invasive and thereby, protecting the tooth structure whilst be being very durable.

Composite fillings can be blended in with the surrounding tooth structure to restore its natural colour & share of the teeth. Therefore, making them a very popular choice. The filling is made from a very hard substance which can withstand the forces in the mouth when a person bites or chews over a long period of time.

Treatment Procedure

After a thorough consultation, dental x-rays can be used to determine the shape and size of the cavity. Thereafter, our NUFFIELD DENTAL dentists can indicate the most suitable dental filling material. In order to make the experience a more pleasant one, your NUFFIELD DENTAL dentists will carefully explain the options available by also finding out your expectations. This will ensure that we deliver a treatment option which is most suited for your dental needs.

The treatment can last from 15 min for small cavities to about 1 hour for larger ones. Dental anaesthesia can be used to numb the tooth so that the procedure is painless and more comfortable. The actual treatment will consist of gently removing the weakened or decayed parts of the tooth. If the cavity is big, a medicated lining material may be used to protect the dental pulp.

Fillings which are well done can potentially last many years or a lifetime of regular professional care. We would recommend routine dental checkups and a good oral health regime at home in order to maintain a healthy dentition.

As our NUFFIELD DENTAL dentists always believe in prevention is better than cure, they will always encourage you and give you tailored oral and dietary advice on how to look after your teeth so that you don’t develop dental decay in the first place.

Our diet and nutrition can affect oral health. Hence it is important that you should maintain a balanced diet and limit your intake of sugary foods and drinks, and between meal snacks. Feel free to ask us how we can help!

Risks of Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings are usually safe. However, if you are allergic to any known material inform our dentists at NUFFIELD DENTAL Singapore so that we can advise accordingly.

Is Dental Fillings Medisave Accredited?

No, dental fillings are not Medisave Accredited. To know more information on Medisave, click here

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