Facts and fiction about Serangoon Gardens wisdom teeth removal

Facts and fiction about Serangoon Gardens wisdom teeth removal

There are some things about Serangoon Gardens wisdom teeth removal that are true and others that are false. Here’s some facts and fiction about wisdom teeth you might find interesting and helpful.

Did you know that:

  • There’s a possibility of having 32 teeth in your mouth if everything works out optimally. That’s not usually the case. Quite often, your wisdom teeth are impacted which could mean one or more of these teeth are growing at an angle towards another tooth or the back of the mouth. If that’s the case and you do nothing about it, you risk having your other back molars crowded and pushing the front ones out of alignment too.
  • Having your wisdom teeth out doesn’t mean your other teeth won’t move over time. In fact, studies have shown there’s a possibility your other teeth will shift even with these back molars gone.
  • One of the other myths is that these wisdom teeth are set aside at the back of your jaw. Often these teeth grow in such a way, they can harm the development of other back molars.
  • Here’s another myth from our Serangoon Gardens wisdom teeth removal experts. Some people think if their wisdom teeth don’t cause them any issues, they don’t need to be removed. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, if you leave them in until you’re 21 years old, they move forward horizontally and cause more complications.

There are some other important facts you should know about wisdom teeth. For example, when these teeth become impacted, they are more than likely covered by your dental insurance. Of course, there are differentmyths about these back molars that need to be addressed too.

Here’s a popular one. If your wisdom teeth come in but don’t cause any crowding or problems for your other molars, there’s really no reason to have them out.

Here’s an interesting fact. Scientists believe we had wisdom teeth in prehistoric times so our early ancestors could eatthe nuts and berries that were a big part of their diet. As human beings evolved, our jaws grew smaller and these teeth became obsolete but still grew in.

Even when your wisdom teeth don’t present any crowding issues, they are very susceptible to cavities. That’s why it’s a good idea to arrange an examination by our professional dentists on a regular basis. Serangoon Gardens wisdom teeth removal needs to be handled by the experts.

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