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We find that this video perfectly answer "How to Find the Best Dentist for Implants" by Dr Parsa Zadeh, interviewed by GAOI Dental Implant Education

Are you in looking to find the best dentist for implants near you? Watch this video to educate yourself on what you should be looking for when it comes to finding the best dental implant specialist. Dr Parsa Zadeh explains that when it comes to finding the best implant dentist it all comes down to doing your research and going with your gut that the dentist is confident in their own abilities. Dr Parsa Zadeh answers a series of questions like:

How can I find the best dental implant dentist near me?
Where should I look for dental implant dentist reviews?
What is important when you need to find the best dentist?
Does dental implant education matter?
Is there a way I can ensure dental implant surgery success?

In this video, Dr Parsa explains that when you are looking to get the best implant dentist for your needs you should focus primarily on two things. It seems simple enough but always asks your trusted friends and family who may know of a dentist that performs implant surgery. Once you get recommended dentists near you then do your research on Google and Yelp for dental implant dentist reviews. Look to see what people are saying about that certain dentist and see if they are qualified for the dental procedure that you need to be done.

Call the dentists that you feel confident with and schedule an initial interview with them. One main thing that you should look for is to ensure that the dentist that you will be interviewing with will be the one who is performing the dental surgery themselves. It is necessary to make sure that the dentist that you speak with places and restores the implant. Don’t feel afraid to ask questions that will guarantee this as it has a big importance to the success of your dental implant treatment. A few questions that you can ask is how long they have been performing dental implant surgery and if they can show you pictures of previous patients who have had the same surgery done.

The main things to look for is how many years of experience that they have and how frequently they do the procedure. Implant dentistry can be learned in many residencies outside of formal university education and most dentists that have graduated from 30 years ago have learned from dental implant residencies that have been financed through implant manufacturers themselves. To this day, most implant education in universities are funded, financed and carried on by implant manufacturers. It really comes down to how well the dentist has been practising and mastering the skill of dental implant surgery.

There really is nothing that can give a 200% guarantee of results for dental implants, as it all has to deal with the response of the body. And as we all know, every individual can respond in a different way. One way that you can guarantee success beyond finding a good implant dentist is to properly follow the instructions after the surgery. A confident dental surgeon will say that if you follow their instructions and it doesn't work, then they will do it over again for you.
A good dentist knows that it is important for patients to have assurance and peace of mind that they will have the desired outcome when they go through the procedure


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