• 27 OCT 16
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    MCND-ToothSensitivity-540x280 Health articles

    Tooth Sensitivity

    Sensitive Teeth Does eating ice-cream make you wince? Perhaps you find yourself avoiding certain foods and drinks? If having hot, cold, sweet or sticky foods and drinks, or breathing in cold air causes you trouble, you may have sensitive teeth. So, what are the possible causes and how can we reduce these symptoms? Scrubbing teeth

    • 14 JAN 16
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    Super-Sexy-Smile-540x280 Health articles

    Super Sexy Smiles

    Have you noticed we are now investing more in polishing up our smiles. How many adults do you now see who are now sporting braces to straighten their teeth. I even spotted a lady on a dating site smiling and flashing the metal bands! In my experience this is usually, triggered by a big event

    • 01 DEC 16
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    MCND-Wisdom-Teeth-540x280 Health articles

    Some Wisdom on Wisdom Teeth

    What are wisdom teeth? Wisdom teeth are otherwise known as ‘third permanent molars’. They are the last teeth to develop, usually erupting between the ages of 17 – 25 years old. Most people have four wisdom teeth, at the back of both sides of the upper or lower jaws, but it is possible to have

    • 01 JUL 16
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    ND-Pregnancy-and-Dentistry-540x280 Health articles

    Pregnancy and Dentistry

    Pregnancy is a very special time in any woman’s life and the majority of women are deeply concerned with their developing child’s health and wish to do everything they can to ensure all goes well. Sometimes, we can forget to take care of ourselves however, and not realize what effects this may have. Good oral

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