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Integrative dentistry

Integrative dentistry

We take an integrative approach to dentistry and believe that prevention is better than cure. Our modern health care system often separates parts of the body. In reality we function as one super machine where each part of us is connected. Lifestyle factors play a huge part in this.

Could stress be the cause of your bleeding gums?

Could poor nutrition be resulting in dental cavities?

Could an imbalance in your gut be causing bad breath?

Preventative care

Food for teeth
What we eat directly affects our bodies and our teeth. The well documented detrimental effects of sugar and processed foods are no surprise but digging deeper, missing essential minerals and vitamins may be landing us with huge dental bills.

Oral probiotics
We hear about the gut microbiome all of the time. This novel area of dentistry related to the oral microbiome (bacteria in the mouth). When the bacteria in our mouths are out of balance we can be left with bleeding gums and dental disease. Perhaps an oral probiotic could help you.

Dental materials

Mercury free dentistry
We are a mercury free practice and do not use amalgam restorations (fillings). Many of our patients are concerned about mercury release on removal of existing amalgam fillings. We work closely with nutritionists and will discuss your options before we begin removal.

Our protocol includes:

  1. Using a rubber dam to isolate the tooth from the mouth to prevent ingestion of amalgam particles.
  2. High volume suction to remove large particles and vapours.
  3. Disposable draping to prevent mercury attaching to your clothes or skin.

Porcelain crowns, inlays and onlays
We offer ceramic restorations which are non corrosive and are a more stable material inside the mouth.

BPA free composite resin restorations
Bisphenol A (BPA) is an endocrine disruptor with possible toxic effects. It is a known component of plastic.
We use composite materials with no BPA derivative to keep you safe.

Zeramax dental implants
Zirconium dioxide implants are less corrosive and are more biocompatible than metal titanium implants.

Myofunctional therapies
More and more of us are mouth breathing than ever before. This can lead to a range of health problems. In children, breathing through the nose is essential for the development of the jaws and for the development of straighter teeth.

The aims of myofunctional therapy (myo meaning muscle and functional relating to function) are to get you breathing through your nose with your mouth closed and your tongue resting up on your palate. This will have a great impact on your oral and overall health.

Dr. Surinder Arora

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