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The Night Dental Clinic – Are you in Pain ?

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Understanding that dental problems can cause pain and anxiety, all dental emergencies are dealt with in a prompt and timely manner at the Night Dental Singapore.

Night Dental Singapore provides affordable, emergency out of hours dental care for patients' convenience. Our unique set up is commited to providing comprehensive professional care to alleviate patients' dental complaints daily from 9pm to 6pm, Monday to Sunday.


Night Dental Services

Broken Tooth

The treatment rendered for a chipped or broken tooth depends on the degree of damage or injury sustained. It is important that the appropriate restoration treatment is provided by a dentist. If pain is experienced, patient is to avoid biting with the area and to avoid the consumption of extremely cold or hot food.

Lost/Knocked Out Tooth

If a blow or fall knocks out one or more teeth, it should be recovered, and have any dirt or debris removed with gentle rinsing. To protect the fibres on the root surface, avoid handling the root. If the tooth can be kept in its socket until emergency dental treatment, the tooth will have a better chance of survival. If this isn’t possible, put it in a cup of milk before bring it for treatment. If the tooth is simply pushed out of place, don’t force it into its socket. Light finger pressure can be applied to reposition it to its normal alignment. Use a moist tissue or gauze to hold the tooth in its place, and proceed to the Night Dental immediately.

Swollen Mouth and Gums

Swollen mouth or gums usually happens due to an infection. The infection might occur in the teeth or gum tissue, or there may be an abscess that has to be drained. An infected swelling would usually feel warm and tender to the touch. Immediate examination and diagnosis is recommended so that the appropriate treatment can be rendered.

Lost or Loose Fillings 

Loose fillings should not be disturbed, instead a replacement should be arranged. Fallen fillings should be removed so as to prevent swallowing, a replacement should be arranged as well.
Lost or Broken Crown

We will advise for patients to have their loose crowns cemented as soon as possible, if the crowns falls out, patients are advised to bring it to the clinic so that the dentist will be able to assess if repairs can be made. Root canal treatment may be recommended if the patient had not had one before the placement of the initial crown.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth usually come in between ages 17 and 25 and they don’t always cause problems. If the patient experiences minor pain and swelling, rinsing periodically with a teaspoonful of salt dissolved in warm water can help. should the pain persists and increases in severity, a wisdom tooth removal procedure might be required.

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