Dental Visits After The Circuit Breaker

Dear Patient,

We hope that you and your family are keeping safe and healthy during this Circuit Breaker period. While the coronavirus has negatively impacted our community in so many ways, it has been heartening to witness many in the community stepping up to support one another in this time of need in the last few months. 

Whilst our clinics are currently able to only provide emergency dental services, as Singapore enters Phase 1 of the Circuit Breaker Exit, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has permitted the resumption of general dentistry services that were initially restricted during the Circuit Breaker.

We are very pleased to inform you that you can now pre-book your appointment with us for post Circuit Breaker consultations and procedures commencing 2 June 2020.  While we look forward to welcoming you back again, it is of utmost importance that precautionary measures are in place at all our clinics to protect our patients, staff and their families. 

Here are a few precautionary measures that we have put in place: 

  • We are scheduling downtime between patients as part of our social distancing and enhanced deep sanitation measures. A mandatory downtime of at least 15 minutes or 45 minutes (depending on the type of procedure carried out), between each patient will be implemented to ensure sufficient time between patients to avoid patient-to-patient contact and so that the surgery room can be deeply disinfected. 
  • We will only see patients by appointments to enforce effective social distancing between treatments. We seek your understanding and cooperation to stick to your scheduled appointments to reduce wait times and minimise the number of patients in the waiting areas. We hope that you will be able to arrive on time as any lateness may impact on the rest of the other appointments we have for the day. In addition, we are trying to reduce patient numbers in the waiting room, so please try not to arrive much earlier.
  • We are NOT able to carry out new dental implant surgeries for the period of June. Procedures that will continue to be deferred include the initiation of new cases for fixing crowns and bridges and non-urgent dental implant placement, including the placement of an immediate implant after a tooth extraction. Instead, you should consult us and finalise a treatment plan for subsequent dental implant procedures and secure a definitive treatment date in July.
  • We are minimising aerosol-generating procedures. According to MOH, aerosol-generating procedures present a higher risk of transmission of the coronavirus. Therefore, only urgent treatments that require aerosol-generating procedures will be undertaken discerningly, with a mandatory interval of at least 45 minutes between each procedure Being a client of Nuffield Dental, you will benefit from the high-grade aerosol suction units that we will have chair-side in all our clinics.

We are also pleased to inform you that Nuffield Dental has now collaborated with Medi Dent International to enhance our patients’ convenience of purchasing dental products from the comfort of their home. In the coming weeks, Medi Dent International will be also launching a new local mouthwash brand called ORASYL. ORASYL Orange contains the active ingredient 0.1% Povidone-Iodine that is known to have both a virucidal and bactericidal effect.

Medi Dent International will also be manufacturing 3-ply surgical face masks under the brand SURGISYL. It is a Singaporean product and is accredited by the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore as a medical device.

Nuffield Dental will be using ORASYL and SURGISYL at all our clinics. As a valued client of Nuffield Dental, you will be able to purchase SURGISYL masks directly from our clinics and online store. ORASYL mouthwashes will similarly be available for direct order and pick up from clinics too. Details to follow shortly.

The road towards a COVID19-safe Singapore may seem far and long. However, it is at times like this where we all should be reminded that we all have a part to play to overcome the pandemic together as a community. 

To avoid the waiting time at our clinics, we strongly encourage you to pre-book an appointment via our hotline at 6833 4353 in advance. Thank you for entrusting your dental health with us. Our Nuffield Dental team looks forward to welcoming you back soon.

Thank you and stay safe.


Yours Sincerely, 

Dr Samintharaj Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

Nuffield Dental Group


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