Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral Surgery at Nuffield Dental Clinic Singapore

At MALO CLINIC NUFFIELD DENTAL, we provide the full range of oral surgery procedures. These include routine extractions, surgical removal of teeth, wisdom teeth, All on 4, impacted teeth, exposure and bonding of unerupted teeth, jaw surgery and dental cysts, apicoectomies, bone grafts and sinus lifts in preparation for dental implants. We liaise very closely with your dentist regarding what you need and endeavour to keep both your dentist and doctor informed of your progress unless requested otherwise.

During your consultation, our specialist will evaluate your problems and inform you of the ideal treatment plan. If you wish to proceed, you will let us know and we will arrange a time and date for the procedure.

All surgical services at MALO CLINIC NUFFIELD DENTAL can be performed under Local Anaesthesia, General Anaesthesia or intravenous sedation. (as requested by nervous patients)

For more information on oral & maxillofacial surgery or any dental surgery related query, contact MALO CLINIC NUFFIELD DENTAL Singapore at, Kovan – 6281 4313, Serangoon Gardens – 6280 7909, Simpang Bedok – 6702 3238, Siglap – 6636 1303 (or) email us at hello@nuffielddental.com.sg

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