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Dr. Hamdan

Dr. Hamdan

Dr. Hamdan graduated from University of Queensland, Australia. His experience working in both rural and city settings across Queensland helped him to continually improve a positive relationship with numerous patients. For him, making sure the patient is comfortable and relaxed throughout treatments are really important. Dr Hamdan’s friendly approach helps patients to feel involved in the decision-making process as he is always up for a conversation.

Dr. Hamdan is interested in various areas of dentistry especially in Cosmetic dentistry. He believes in minimal intervention for a maximum result. He is always keen on learning new technologies and techniques by keeping up to date with discussions and courses.

Having a background in Art, made him appreciate dentistry even more as it is a profession that blends Science and Art together. Dr. Hamdan is also interested in painting, sculpting, carpentry and digital art.

Besides being in the clinic, you can find him at the gym or on the pitch playing football.

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