Root canal treatment can be a high risk procedure if strict infection control and disposal procedures are not followed. At Nuffield, all our root canal shaping files are single use for each patient.
cq5dam.web_.1280.1280-540x280 SAFE ROOT CANAL TREATMENT

This ensures high infection control, less chance of breaking files inside the tooth and faster root canal treatment as the files are not blunt. We also use side venting irrigation needles which are also single use, this helps to prevent irrigation solution entering tissue spaces.

Side-Venting-Irrigation-Needle SAFE ROOT CANAL TREATMENT

All our cleaning, shaping and filling of root canals is done under rubber dam.

rubberdamplacement SAFE ROOT CANAL TREATMENT

This prevents irrigation solution from being swallowed, prevents materials from being swallowed and being inhaled. It also prevents saliva from contaminating the root canals as well, resulting in higher root canal success rates.

We use the latest technology e.g. NSK Apex Locator, NSK Rotary Handpiece and VDW (Germany) Reciproc Machine. This is to further increase success rates for your root canal treatment.

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