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Let Nuffield Dental Design A Hollywood Smile For You That Lasts.

Achieve your dream smile without having to struggle with conventional braces. Lasts a long time, and even longer with proper care.


Minimal pain, low downtime


Hassle-free, appliance-free


Long-lasting, Hollywood smile

What Is The Nuffield Digital Smile Design?

The Nuffield Digital Smile Design works by analysing facial and dental relationships and proportions.

By thoroughly examining high-resolution digital photographs, 8K video recordings of your facial expressions, and virtual 3D models of your teeth, Nuffield dentists can customise a treatment to achieve your Hollywood smile.

It also considers other factors such as expectations, budget and time. Dental procedures can be customised or combined, such as porcelain veneers and crown lengthening.

What Is The Nuffield Digital Smile Design?

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How Does Nuffield Digital Smile Design Work?

Nuffield dentists combine extensive experience in transforming smiles with digital dental imaging technology to turn your Hollywood smile into reality.

  • Assessment
  • Digital Design
  • Preparation and Impressions
  • Composite Mock-ups
  • Fitting and Cementation
  • Review
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The Nuffield Digital Smile Design Transformation Blueprint

Nuffield dentists leverage digital assets to assess every aspect of your teeth. We don’t just focus on aesthetics and appearance; we also ensure their functionality so you enjoy greater confidence and better quality of life.

Here’s our 7-point checklist:

  • Position of teeth
  • Size and shape of teeth
  • Colour of teeth
  • Bite assessment
  • Smile suitability
  • Influence of smile on the lips
  • Overall appearance of smile on the face

The Nuffield Digital Smile Design Difference


Between 7 days and a few months

Between 1.5 years and 5 years

Between 1 and many years


🦷 🦷 🦷 🦷 🦷


🦷 🦷


No appliances required; few visits needed; doesn’t hinder speech

Appliances are required and may cause mouth ulcers and discomfort; many repeat visits needed; may hinder speech

Appliances are required, and may be worn for about 22 hours daily


Almost never required

Multiple extractions required for most patients

Teeth filing or other procedures are required


Lasts long with proper care; no braces required

Lasts long but requires retainers to be worn to keep teeth in position

Lasts long but requires retainers to be worn to keep teeth in position


Alterations can be easily done and do not require additional procedures

Alterations require additional procedures

Alterations require additional procedures

*Based on patients’ feedback at Nuffield Dental

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FAQs About Nuffield Digital Smile Design

What is maintenance like?

Depending on the procedures done to achieve your Hollywood smile, the dentist will advise accordingly on how to best maintain your new smile. Maintenance is typically hassle-free.

Generally speaking, you're advised to continue visiting your dentist every 6 months for your routine dental checkup.

How much does it cost?

Each smile is unique hence requires a comprehensive assessment to understand your suitability and expectations. Cost, therefore, depends on factors such as your teeth’s condition, size, shape, colour, and bite. So you will receive a customised quote after a consultation with one of Nuffield’s dentists.

How do I know if Nuffield Digital Smile Design suits me?

Nuffield Digital Smile Design has helped many people achieve their desired smiles. To create a smile unique to you, we perform many points of assessment while keeping the experience hassle-free.

The Nuffield Digital Smile Design is among the extensive range of services Nuffield Dental offers to help you achieve dental goals and enjoy better quality of life. Embark on your smile transformation journey today.

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