Coronavirus update: 5 COVID-19 Myths, Busted.

5 COVID-19 Myths, Busted!

With so much information about the coronavirus going around, it can be hard sometimes to discern between fake and real news. During times of uncertainty, consuming false or inaccurate news can cause panic and anxiety for you and your loved ones. 

Your mental well-being is just as important as your physical well-being. Hence, we are here to debunk a few myths that you may have come across circulating the internet. We hope that these clarifications will provide you and your loved ones some peace of mind:

Does placing peeled onions in a room prevent COVID-19 from entering your home?

Plate with purple onion onions with water droplets

There has been a Facebook post circulating that claims that onions can be used to ‘catch’ flu and cold germs and prevent the coronavirus from spreading in your home. This claim is in fact, not true.  Onions do not absorb viruses or bacteria. According to the World Health Organisation, although onions do possess many health benefits, it does not mean that onions can ward or absorb viruses like COVID-19.

Are only older people at risk of COVID-19?

Although older people, over the age of 60, are more vulnerable to the coronavirus, the claim that only older people are at risk of COVID-19 is not true. People of all ages can contract COVID-19. However, people with weaker immune systems such as patients with existing chronic illnesses, e.g. hypertension, diabetes, the immunosuppressed, and pregnant women are particularly vulnerable.

Can pets transmit COVID-19 as well?

Woman holding dog

There have been several reported cases of pets being infected with the coronavirus by their human caretakers. However, the claim that animals can transmit COVID-19 to humans is not true.  According to the World Health Organisation, although humans can infect animals, it is unlikely that animals can transmit the virus to humans. 

Can mosquitoes spread the COVID-19 infection?

Tiger mosquito on skin

Although mosquitoes can spread some diseases, such as the Zika virus and Malaria, the claim that mosquitoes can spread COVID-19 is not true. Mosquitoes are unable to spread the coronavirus as the virus is transmitted through respiratory droplets (i.e. droplets of saliva or mucus), not blood.

Does consuming alcohol protect you against COVID-19?

Although alcohol is a key ingredient when it comes to disinfecting surfaces and making hand sanitizers, recently, misinformation that alcohol kills coronavirus germs in your body has been circulating. This information is not true. Excessive alcohol consumption does not protect you against COVID-19, and may even make you more susceptible. 

With the number of unfounded rumours and fake messages continuing to increase by the day, it is essential to remember that we all have a part to play in preventing it. Always confirm the reliability of the information source before sharing the information with others.  

Please only seek information from reliable and official sources such as the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the World Health Organisation (WHO), and refrain from inadvertently spreading false information.

Thank you and take good care. 

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