Education & Achievements

Dr. Chung Kwong Wing graduated in 1986 from Glasgow, UK. and has been practising dentistry ever since. He served in the public service after graduation for 5 years before venturing into private practice.

Services Provided

He believes dentistry is fast-changing and evolving with exact information and data collection allowing for an enhanced diagnosis and elevated outcome for patients. He believes Nuffield Dental is at the unprecedented in providing the best with the newest technology and products and he hopes to contribute with his proficiency and skill set. Most importantly he also stands by the habit of lifelong learning to keep your fire burning and enjoy your work.

Additional Areas of Interests

He is married and blessed with 3 boys. His enhanced half is a retired sister nurse. He used to play football and tennis but has to now listen to his body and goes for walks instead. He also enjoys reading and watching movies. He is also a Liverpool football fan since King Keegan days.

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