Dr Steffi Soh Yu Hui
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I’m Dr Steffi Soh Yu Hui

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Dentistry (BDS) from Adelaide
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Education & Achievements

Dr Steffi graduated from the University of Adelaide in South Australia. She is a general dentist who is passionate about providing holistic care for her patients.

Having worked in both city and rural locations across South Australia, she has experience treating a wide variety of patients. She has a gentle and cheerful demeanour which makes patients feel comfortable in a dental setting.

Dr Steffi believes in helping people achieve good dental health through better understanding of their oral health, and maintaining treatment done with good oral hygiene habits. Clinically, she has been keeping her skills updated by attending courses both locally and overseas.

Additional Areas of Interests

Outside of the clinic, you can find her exploring the great outdoors. She loves hiking and fishing, and often does so when she is back in Australia. She also enjoys doing volunteer dental work in developing countries when the opportunity arises.

Dr Steffi Soh
Dr Steffi Soh
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