Dr Lee graduated in 2020 from Cardiff University (United Kingdom) and started working in the Malaysian public service during the global pandemic. He spent 2 years there honing his skills in emergency dental care, as well as community-based dentistry that provided comprehensive dental care to all walks of life.

His career experience has empowered his passion to deliver evidence-based preventive dentistry, so that others can enjoy long-term, patient-centred care.

With exposure in private clinics, public-funded community clinics, and hospital-based settings, Dr Lee has served in most aspects of dental primary care as well as special care. Expanding on the forefront of digital dentistry is also his valuable forte. With dental software and technologies heralding a new digital age, he has expanded his knowledge and skills in the delivery of digital dental care through the use of CEREC and TRIOS technology. Dr Lee finds digital dentistry fascinating and life-enhancing because it always evolves and just gets better.

In 2022, Dr Lee was assigned to the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery department at Miri Hospital, where he honed his skills in minor oral surgeries and assisting in ORIF (open reduction internal fixation) surgeries. It allowed him to network with a multidisciplinary team of medical and dental experts to manage some of the most challenging treatments. Such experience in a tertiary care setting was immensely valuable and expanded his dental boundaries and motivation to do well in the best interest of his patients.

Dr Lee’s passion for badminton runs in close parallel with his dental work. A former state badminton player, he still participates in competitions and friendly matches, which allows him to maintain great fitness. He also loves to travel, and captures all his wonderful moments through the lens of his DSLR and DJI drone.

Dr Shauna Cho
Dr Shauna Cho
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