Education & Achievements

Dr Ireen Ali completed Implant training with the prestigious ‘Dentale’, based in Bristol, U.K. She accepts patient referrals for implant placement as well as restoration and is currently working towards a Diploma in Implant Dentistry.

Dr Ali is particularly competent at dental surgeries such as wisdom tooth and root removal surgeries, making this treatment more comfortable for patients. Working in an Oral and Maxillofacial Department across two hospitals, one of which being a Major Trauma Centre which accepted a great variety of cases including head and neck cancer, intensive care patients with head and neck trauma and jaw joint replacements, to name but a few, has honed Dr Ali’s competency in caring for her patients in a holistic sense; taking into account her patients’ overall well being as well as dental complaints. She has performed countless wisdom tooth and ‘difficult tooth’ extractions in this setting with training from well-esteemed consultants.

Services Provided

Dr Ireen Ali enjoys providing dental makeovers and has won an award for this in the U.K.; she has a talent for Aesthetic Dentistry, providing inspiring results with minimally invasive and cost effective techniques such full arch tooth build ups in composite tooth coloured material. Depending on a patient’s needs, she is also proficient in treatments such as crowns, bridges, whitening, Invisalign and veneers to enhance a patient’s smile.

As well as this, her work with Removable Dentures is of a high standard, receiving referrals from colleagues to problem solve tricky cases in the past, with many patients walking away being able to eat and smile with confidence again.

Children’s dentistry is another area in which Dr Ali excels, her gentle approach to nervous patients and engaging techniques helps kids understand, accept and enjoy dentistry. She has been involved in research into how best to treat children’s teeth with the ‘Fiction Trial’ led by universities in the U.K. Her strong paediatric background helps her younger patients to encourage positive dental habits lifelong, keeping them out of pain and improving their chances of a well-aligned adult dentition.

Previously having worked in a ‘prevention-focused practice’, after her training years, which is a part of an unprecedented government scheme in the U.K., Dr Ali firmly believes preventing dental disease is always enhanced than the cure and spends time educating patients, young and old, on how best to look after their smiles. She volunteers at a local orphanage to help give back to the community, believing oral health is attainable through education and some care.

Dr Ali is committed to evidence-based techniques, keeping up to date with current developments by being a member of journals such as ‘Dental Update’, international seminars and courses, amongst other forms of continued professional development (CPD).


 Dr Ireen Ali
Dr Ireen Ali
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