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PROMOTING HEALTHY ORAL HABITS (Everything You Need To Know About Myobrace In Singapore)


Myobrace® is a treatment modality that trains the orofacial muscles to adopt good habits to enhance breathing, chewing function and to eliminate bad oral posture habits which contribute to the formation of a malocclusion. Myobrace is also known as a no-braces pre-orthodontic approach in Singapore.


This orthodontic system meant for growing children aged 5 to 15 aims to straighten teeth by curbing incorrect teeth, jaw and face development brought on by poor dental habits. With early intervention, dental alignment can be corrected, and your child’s teeth and its supporting structures can be guided to a natural position - resulting in not just straight teeth but promoting positive growth and development.

Would My Child Need Myobrace?


Would My Child Need Myobrace?

Research shows that as many as 70% of children, who are as young as five years of age, can suffer from crooked teeth, dysfunctional bites, or jaw disharmonies. 


This can be due to genetics, certain medical conditions, or significantly poor myofunctional habits (such as a habitual open mouth posture, mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, reverse swallowing or thumb sucking, etc.)

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Benefits of Myobrace

Myobrace aims to correct these poor myofunctional habits (from as young an age as possible) and physically guide the natural growth of your child’s teeth, jaw and facial growth, bringing about abundant benefits:

Aligning Your Child's Bite

Ideal growth and alignment of your child’s upper and lower jaws and face.

Creating Adequate Space

Sufficient room for your child’s teeth to come in at a naturally straight position.

Cultivating Healthy Oral Habits

Your child will be taught the proper way to breathe, rest their tongue, and eat. These include breathing through their nose, placing the tongue on the roof of the mouth instead of against the front teeth when resting and swallowing properly when eating. 

Creating a Smooth Airway for Healthy Breathing

Allowing for a smooth airway prevents the development of airway dysfunction. An unhealthy development can cause a lack of oxygen supply to the body, resulting in many issues such as sleep apnea, acid reflux, or teeth grinding. 

Lowering the Need for Invasive Orthodontic Treatments

The need for invasive orthodontic treatment in the future is significantly lowered. These types of treatments which are generally invasive, come with higher risks and may require extractions, orthognathic surgery or lifelong retainer wear.

What Does the Procedure Involve?

Step 1: Habit Correction

Your child will be educated on how to:


  • Breathe through their nose
  • Rest their tongue correctly on the roof of their mouth
  • Adopt good swallowing habits
  • Keep their lips together when not eating or speaking
  • Cease sucking their thumb
If they are able to consistently incorporate these healthy myofunctional habits into their lifestyle, they will have a good chance of success.

Step 3: Teeth Alignment

Finally, once the last of your child’s permanent teeth erupt, they can progress on to Myobrace® for Teens, the next in the series of appliances, to align their teeth.


Depending on your child’s progress and concerns, additional braces or clear aligners may or may not be needed for a short period of time to refine and perfect their teeth alignment.

Step 2: Jaw or Arch Development

This stage is needed if your child has underdeveloped jaws past the age of 7. They will be provided with an additional appliance (Biobloc, Farrell Bent Wire, or Myolay™) to wear in combination with their Myobrace to promote correct jaw development and alignment.

Step 4: Retention

Once all active treatment is completed, a retainer is worn to sustain the results achieved.

What to Expect When My Child Has Myobrace?

As part of the habit correction stage to adopt myofunctional habits, you and your child will be enrolled in our Myobrace® Activities patient education program. The programme will educate your child on how to perform a series of breathing, tongue, swallowing, lip and cheek exercises twice daily in conjunction with wearing their Myobrace® appliance.


Depending on the child’s age and specific type of orthodontic problem, separate appliances may be prescribed by your Dentist. As Myobrace involves the use of removable appliances, parental supervision and child compliance in their adequate wear is essential for treatment success. Results and treatment time will vary for each individual child.

In order to sustain the results, your child will be provided retainers and instructions for their wear.



What to Expect When My Child Has Myobrace?

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