A quick history of Serangoon Gardens root canal treatment

A quick history of Serangoon Gardens Root Canal Treatment

When our patients come in to see us looking for Serangoon Gardens Root Canal Treatment, we always like to delight them by talking about the history of dental treatments in general. When they find out how far back these techniques go, they are generally amazed.

That said, here’s a few highlights.

Some of the dental tools we use today have their origins way back in the Stone Age. For example, the very first toothbrushes were sticks with the ends flattened at one side. Technology has come a long way since then and we’re sure brushing your teeth in a much more pleasant experience today than it was eons ago!

Historical Record

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Chinese have the first historical record of a toothbrush. Making sure our present-day patients have the benefit of the latest innovations in things like Serangoon Gardens root canal treatment is our priority.

The cutting edge technology we use in the procedure is state-of-the-art. For example, our professional dental team will be able to take digital X-rays that will give us an exact picture of what needs to be done.

Dental Hygiene

Here’s another interesting fact about the history of dental hygiene. Scientists have discovered that the earliest form of toothpaste included dried flowers smashed into a pulp. The kind of toothpaste we enjoy today can trace its origins back to the 1800s. However, we’re grateful, and we’re sure you are too, that today’s toothpaste manufacturers don’t use soap and chalk like they did way back then!

In fact, you’ll find nothing but the most modern technology at our dental facilities. From the moment you enter, you’ll see how our atmosphere is comfortable and welcoming. Our administrative staff are knowledgeable and can help put you at ease in answering all your questions.

Fluorinated Water

Dental hygiene has come along way. In fact, Michigan was the very first state to introduce fluorinated water back in 1945. After a round of testing to prove how beneficial it was, the American government recommended it be adopted nationally in 1951.

It may seem like a long route to arrive at the modern innovations we enjoy today. However, every step along the way added to the recent techniques that are painless and efficient. We are extremely proud of the fact that all of our patients are satisfied with our services to the extent they recommend us to their friends and family. Serangoon Gardens root canal treatment helps them maintain a wonderful smile.

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