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Dental Implants: Calculating the Cost

If you are looking for teeth replacement, you can consider getting a dental implant treatment. Part of preparing for dental implant surgery involves knowing the cost of the surgery. Finding out the cost of dental implants online can be misleading as the cost sometimes does not include all the payable services. 

With the dental implant procedure, two types of procedures can be done - a single dental implants and multiple dental implants. The kind of implant you can do depends on your current dental situation and what you need to enhance your smile. 


Single & Multiple Dental Implants

Whether you choose a single or multiple dental implant route, the surgery starts by attaching a dental implant screw. This acts as an artificial root in the jawbone for tooth replacement. It takes a few months, typically 4-6 months, for the bone and soft tissue to get accustomed to the implant. The process of attaching an artificial root can cost anywhere from $1500-2000 in Singapore. 

You also need to consider the price of abutments when doing a dental implant. The abutment acts as the connection between the dental implant and the prosthesis and also helps to shape the gums. You have the option of choosing the material of the abutment between titanium or ceramic. The materials used for the abutment affects the strength and aesthetics of your dental implant.

Therefore, choosing it is incredibly crucial to ensure long term success of your implants. The estimated price of the two abutments cost about $500 in Singapore dental clinics. 



Placing Your Crown

The next step will be putting an implant crown, bridge or denture based on what is necessary. This involves a separate fee. If you are looking for a single tooth replacement, the type and quality of crown also determine the cost of your surgery. 

Getting a crown requires the tooth to be sculpted and prepared in the dental lab. There are a few types of dental crowns that we use at Nuffield Dental, including a white crown with semi-precious metal, and all-ceramic crowns. The price of these crowns ranges from $1500 to $2500 depending on the material and the location of the implant crown. 

The process of getting multiple dental implants is similar. Instead of going for a crown, you may need dentures or bridges instead. In that case, you will need to arrange for multiple dental implants as a support for your prosthesis. 



Placing Your Bridge or Dentures

The process of placing dentures and bridges depends on the complexity of the case. The cost of attaching the dentures or bridges too are separately accountable. With bridges, Nuffield Dental provides an option of choosing between 2 materials - Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) and Ceramic bridges. The price of these two bridges ranges from $950 to $1500. 

In the case of dentures, Nuffield Dental provides full plastic/acrylic denture and metal-framed denture. The prices of these $450 to $650

Ensuring the Success of Your Implants

Dental implants are the long term solution for a smile makeover if you need tooth replacement. To ensure your crowns, bridges and dentures look as close as your natural tooth/teeth, you need to follow the post-operative care instructions given by your dentist. You should also inculcate a regular oral regime with brushing and flossing to maintain the health and success of your implants. 

Thankfully, Nuffield Dental adopts skilled dentists who have 20 years of accredited experience in implant dentistry. We believe in providing you with customised solutions to enhance your oral health and give you results as close as your natural teeth. Contact us today to find out information about our services and get the smile you deserve. 




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