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8 Apr 2021
| 1 mins to read

When Is The Best Time for Braces?

It is good practice to take your child for regular checkups and ask if a problem of crooked teeth is anticipated. A child can be examined at the ages of 7 years, 9 years and 12...

7 Mar 2020
| 1 mins to read

Adults Wear Braces Too!

Quite apart from improving one’s appearance, there are other reasons for adults to straighten their teeth:

18 Apr 2019
| 3 mins to read

Teeth Straightening: Why You Should Get Braces

What Are the Reasons For Getting Braces? Malocclusion One of the common reasons for getting braces is a malocclusion. This is when there’s a difference in size between the upper...

10 Mar 2019
| 2 mins to read

Teeth Straightening: 4 Tips to Maintaining Your Br...

While the braces do its duty, it is crucial that you do yours to make sure you get the best outcome from the procedure. Here are some tips for you to take care of your teeth and...

16 Nov 2018
| 1 mins to read

Why You Should Get Braces: Beyond the Aesthetics

Why Should Your Get Braces? It has some health benefits which affect your overall health. Read on to know the benefits of straighter teeth.

18 Mar 2017
| 1 mins to read

Straightening Teeth: Your Questions Answered

“Braces” – the layman’s term for the appliances that are fixed to the teeth to straighten them Modern dentistry provides a variety of solutions to achieve, or restore, an...

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