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What Does an Orthodontic Consultation Involve?

If you are thinking of straightening your teeth, you will need an orthodontic consultation. There are many factors to consider when planning treatment with braces or clear aligners (Invisalign).

For example,

  • the stage of development of the teeth
  • the proportion of the jaws to each other and to the rest of the face
  • the position of the teeth within the jaws
  • the degree or the extent of the crowding
  • the particular desires of the patient
  • the maturity and level of co-operation of the patient

In order for us to assess the nature of the problem and to plan the appropriate treatment for you, or your child, we need to:

  • examine the mouth and study the proportions of the face
  • take photographs of the mouth and face
  • make moulds or models of the teeth
  • analyse X-rays of the teeth and the head

Solely after this examination and analysis, can we consider the methods of treatment and prepare a written treatment plan appropriate for the condition.

Solely with X-rays, photos and models to analyse, can we give you details of treatment and fees. This will be discussed with both the patient and all decision makers (e.g. in the case of children, both parents).

If you want treatment with Invisalign, you will have the benefit of viewing a computer simulation of the anticipated treatment results.

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