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Nuffield Dental: Why Would You Need Dental Surgery?

Dental surgery is any rework done to teeth, gums and jawbones. This can include oral and maxillofacial surgeries or be as simple as wisdom teeth extraction. There can be many reasons you may need to have this type of surgery done.

Dental Surgeries Offered At Nuffield Dental

Have you been having oral health problems? You might need dental surgery in order for your pain to be eased and for you to feel relieved. 


Wisdom tooth removal

Wisdom teeth are sometimes called third molars of these are usually the last set to develop in your mouth. When these third molars do not have the space for emerging correctly from the gum line, they become impacted and need to be removed surgically. If not removed, impacted teeth can cause severe damage to bone and gum, infection and discomfort. 

Since impacted teeth emerge partially through the gums, it can get difficult to see and clean to the area. This makes them an easy magnet for bacteria that cause gum disease and oral infection in the mouth.

Here are some signs you will experience if you need to get your impacted teeth removed:

  • Irritation in the gums. Aches near the back of the jaw 
  • Pain in other areas. Pain around the jaw, eyes and ears.
  • Redness in the gums
  • Small white specks. Small white specks will emerge behind your second molars 


Root canal treatment

A root canal treatment is done to treat a diseased or damaged tooth. You can do them to fix a cracked tooth from injury or genetics, a deep cavity or issues from a previous filling. 

There are a few other symptoms you can look out for in the case of a root canal.

  • Extreme pain when chewing or biting.
  • Chipped or cracked tooth/teeth
  • Pimples on the gums
  • Sensitive teeth, especially to hot and cold items. 
  • Tender or swollen gums
  • Darkening of the gums or deep decay 


Dental implant procedure

Dental implants are commonly done for you if you have missing tooth/teeth. Having a space in your gums can encourage adjacent teeth decay and gum diseases, so it is essential to have a dental implant to replace the area.

A dental implant includes drilling either a metal or ceramic implant into the gum to replace the tooth root. Then, you can either put a crown, bridge or dentures. They look and feel very similar to natural teeth. Read about dental implants here. 



Oral maxillofacial surgery

At Nuffield Dental, we go beyond then basic dental services. Our oral-maxillofacial surgeries involve correcting the structure of the jaw and bone. Most of the surgery, although not necessary, enhance the motion of breathing, chewing and your physical appearance. This includes sinus lift procedure, bone grafting treatment, orthognathic surgery, tongue-tie release, cyst removal, genioplasty. 

Our oral surgeon will guide you through the process and keep you comfortable during the procedure. So how do you know when you need to see a maxillofacial surgeon? 

You can look out for symptoms like:

  • Headaches
  • Pain in your jaw
  • Jaw-popping
  • Jaw stiffness
  • Sleep and breathing issues: 
  • Having an overbite/underbite

Additional Tips

While both these sounds very painful, you will be given either general anaesthesia or another kind of anaesthesia to make the surgical procedure comfortable for you. You will also be given pain medication post-surgery if you experience any pain or discomfort.

You should also solely eat soft foods once you have done any of the surgery above. 


We understand why most people would rather avoid oral surgery altogether. That’s why we’ve also listed several preventive measures you could implement in your dental practice to keep your oral health in the pink of health.  

For example, if you play many sports, wearing the right mouthguard is a stellar way to prevent your teeth' damage. You should also pick an approved helmet to wear if you play contact sports like hockey or football.  


Nuffield Dental

We take great pride in informing our patients about each of our procedures and what they entail. If you need an operation to save your teeth, Nuffield Dental is your place. With our skilled dentists with over 20 years of dental implantology and oral surgery experience, you are guaranteed to leave your anxiety about visiting the dentist at the door. 

For your convenience, we are located at 10 locations all across the island. If you to get hold of any dentist or want to ask some questions, do not hesitate to call us and come down for an appointment.

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Nuffield Dental is a one-stop, multi-disciplinary dental care centre. Here at Nuffield Dental, we pride ourselves of our personalised oral care for each and every one of our patients. We need to make sure you get all the help you need to make your dental procedures comfortable, accessible and seamless.

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