The Basics of Bedok Braces

When we fit some of our younger patients with these appliances, one of the first things that we always notice is our Bedok braces are widely accepted. There’s always a group of young people who are looking forward to getting these dental appliances because it signals they will be entering their teen years soon. The

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What to expect from our Bedok dental clinic

Transparency is one of the cornerstones of our Bedok Dental Clinic. We treat a variety of different dental needs and are always willing to accept patients of any age. We are an all-inclusive dental facility that’s interested in keeping your smile bright for a lifetime. That’s why we’ve put together a few points on what

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What is Zoom!® Whitening Wondering what to expect on the day you get your teeth whitened? Dentists and patients walk you through the in-office and at-home PHILIPS ZOOM! process. Over 10 million patients have used PHILIPS ZOOM! to achieve brighter, healthier smiles, making it the #1 patient-requested professional whitening treatment. PHILIPS ZOOM! is not only proven to whiten

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What is Invisalign? With Invisalign® clear aligners, your treatment is tailored to you. Innovative technology combines with a personalised treatment plan to make custom clear aligners for creating your new smile.

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