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Cystic Enucleation

Cysts at Nuffield Dental Clinic Singapore

Enucleation means shelling out the entire cystic lesion without rupture. This procedure is usually indicated for a small cyst, which can be done when the vital structures are not involved.

The main advantage to enucleation is that pathologic examination of the entire cyst can be undertaken. Another advantage is that the initial excisional biopsy (i.e., enucleation) has also appropriately treated the lesion. The patient does not have to care for a marsupial cavity with constant irrigations.

Once the mucoperiosteal access flap has healed, the patient is no longer bothered by the cystic cavity.

Cystic Enucleation Technique

  • The gum flap of the concerned region is lifted.
  • Tooth extraction of the involved tooth is done.
  • If needed, a window through the jaw bone is created for access.
  • A thin blade curette is used to cleave the cystic lining from the body cavity.
  • The socket is inspected and any remnants are removed.
  • A watertight closure is done.
  • Eventually, this cavity, filled with blood, gets organized into bone.
  • For large cyst cavities, an external pressure dressing is given and is removed after 24 to 48 hours to reduce swelling and the size of the blood clot.
  • Formation of bone takes place in 6 to 12 months.

Most surgical services at NUFFIELD DENTAL can be performed under Local Anaesthesia, General Anaesthesia or intravenous sedation. (as requested by nervous patients)

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