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HARBOURFRONT Dental Implants

HARBOURFRONT Dental Implants
As a complete dental clinic, our patients will have access to a full range of dental services. Always striving to provide our patients with quality services that are quick and affordable, NUFFIELD DENTAL prides itself on our dental implant treatment that are almost painless.

We are proud to offer scientifically proven methods of tooth replacement; providing our patients with materials and products that creates prosthetics that replicate the function of the natural teeth. Therefore, if you have had the experience of your dentures coming loose in public, we can help solve the problem with our HARBOURFRONT Dental Implants services.

Keep in mind that dental implants are an excellent aesthetic choice. Our patients that have gone with this solution spend a lifetime of enjoying their favourite foods too.


The HARBOURFRONT All-on-4 is a oral rehabilitation technique helps patients with the replacement of an entire arch of missing or failed upper or lower teeth. This is a permanent method of teeth replacement that helps patients achieve a natural looking new smile.

The treatment works by implanting 4 to 6 dental implants onto the thickest parts of the jawbone for stability and a permanent bridge is then installed. The final result is a set of dental prosthesis that functions and looks like the natural teeth.

The procedure is suitable even for partial denture wearers as it help the patient eliminate the hassle and inconvenience of dentures.

HARBOURFRONT Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are looking for cosmetic dentistry procedures that will improve the appearance of your teeth, we can help at NUFFIELD DENTAL. Enhancing your beautiful smile is easy with our teeth whitening services. Patients who prefer veneers may also choose from our range of porcelain veneers for a shade that best suits their facial and oral characteristics.


NUFFIELD DENTAL has something for every member of your family including HARBOURFRONT Invisalign procedures. The removable appliances that we supply are clear and customized to each individual patient.

The kind we supply is worn for around two weeks at a time. Remember that you should take them out to brush and floss your teeth. Replacing the old aligners with new ones gradually straightens your teeth.

Keep in mind that this technology is not right for everyone. Our trained dental staff can help you find out if the HARBOURFRONT Invisalign procedures we offer are right for you. If you contact us, we can help you to determine whether Invisalign is the way to get the smile that you’ve been looking for.

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