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Holistic and Biological Dentistry at Nuffield Dental

There is an increasing body of scientific evidence illustrating that potential infections, toxins, and imbalances in the oral cavity and the jaw can contribute to chronic illness and pain in the head, neck and other regions of the body.

This field, known as Holistic or Biological Dentistry, considers biomechanical, biochemical, bioelectrical and emotional factors all to be important in achieving overall wellness and good health. Unlike traditional dentistry which mainly treats symptoms, Biological Dentistry gets to the underlying causes that would have contributed to trauma, irritation and toxicity.

Nuffield Dental Biological Dentistry is based on the concept that all dental therapies should work in harmony with the body's natural ability to heal and repair itself. Biological dentistry embodies the art and science of dentistry as it pertains to the uniqueness of each individual. It encompasses the parameters of health, comfort, function, beauty and longevity. It is focused health care.

Our aim is to ensure that our Dental Procedures are as non-toxic and as non-invasive to your body as possible.

Biocompatibility of dental materials is an important aspect of biological dentistry and we will recommend any further testing needed to uncover what works for your body. in Our in depth assessment will provide a unique opportunity to provide a complete health treatment plan to restore your health and keep you there.

The History Of Biological Dentistry

Biological Dentistry originated in Germany around the 1960s. It is currently being taught internationally in Austria, Sweden, France, Italy, Colombia, England, United States of America, and Taiwan.

The aim of Biological Dentistry is to understand how treatments of the teeth and jaws will affect the immune system and overall health of the individual. The areas that are specifically addressed with Biological Dentistry include:

  • Assessing your immune system and its capability to maintain its function in your body.
  • Measuring any effects you may already have from metal toxicity and its rate of release into your system.
  • Identifying hidden or residual infections including areas of necrosis and chronic inflammation -commonly known as FOCI or Dental Interference Fields.
  • Detoxifying your neural, organ muscle, connective and fatty tissues of residual toxic metal.
  • Identifying Electrical Currents generated from toxic metals in your system - known as Oral Galvanism (a battery effect)

What makes our Biological Office different?

Though biological dentistry incorporates most tools and techniques of traditional dentistry, the underlying philosophy is different. This affects how those tools and techniques may be used.

The focus is on the root of the Greek word bios, which means “life.” This, ultimately, is what the biological dentist does everything to promote, treating the mouth in ways that support the health and well-being of the body as a whole. They aim to minimize use of any potential dental toxins. So their practice will be mercury-free, fluoride-free, latex-free and so on. When mercury amalgam “silver” fillings must be removed, we will follow strict safety protocols. Minimally invasive dentistry is the ideal: x-rays only when needed, inlays and onlays instead of full crowns, air abrasion instead of drilling when possible. Therapies such as homeopathy, acupuncture and neural therapy may be integrated with “regular” dental care.

We also try to keep our clinic fragrance-free for the sake of environmentally ill patients by the use of special air-filtration systems and negative ion generators.

Our Holistic & Biological Dentists

Dr Surinder Arora
Dr Mona Board
Dr Samintharaj Kumar (Ceramic Implants)


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