Innovation is at the Heart of Our Simei Sleep Dentistry

We like to tell our patients that if you’ve been avoiding having certain kinds of dental work done because you feel anxious, our Simei Sleep Dentistry techniques might be right for you. We understand there are many people who feel anxious about coming in to see the dentist.

Sedation dentistry is one of the solutions to this common problem. This is the technique where a dentist administers sedation to the patient so they are either awake and relaxed or completely asleep during the dental procedure.

There are several common types of sleep or sedation dentistry available. These include:

  • Nitrous oxide. This is one of the more common treatments that people are familiar with. It’s a gas that doesn’t last very long and you might even be able to get home on your own after the procedure.
  • Oral choices. There are several oral options including sedatives like diazepam. These won’t render you unconscious but will relax you enough and sooth over any anxieties you might have.
  • Intravenous choices. There are several choices here including general anesthetics that will put you out until after the procedure. It’s a good idea here to make sure that you have someone who can help you get home after you’ve had a procedure using these intravenous sedatives.

Our Simei Sleep Dentistrychoices allow you to pick the one that best suits you and match it up with our dental professional’s advice. Because one of our core beliefs is compassion, we want our patients to be relaxed and comfortable when they are having any procedure done.

Keep in mind we are always available to have a conversation with you about which technique best suits your particular circumstance. To that end, we like to offer up a few scenarios where people might want to consider what ourSimei Sleep Dentistry services offer.

These folks include those who:

  • Have had a bad experience with some dental procedures previously. Those folks we like to see because we are always confident they didn’t have the initial experience with us. We welcome the challenge of showing them what a professional compassionate dental experience is really like!
  • Other folks have sensitive oral nerves that need to be handled properly. That’s another area that we excel at.

There’s no need to shy away from getting the dental work you need. Our Simei Sleep Dentistry techniques are industry leading.


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