Our Siglap Dental Surgery Team Talks Bad Breath

One of the things that our Siglap Dental Surgery team prides itself on is being available to our clients. We are always happy to answer any and all of your questions. We also like you to have a resource library of good information.

Here’s some research that we’ve put together on bad breath.

First things first as they say. The origin of bad breath comes from various sources. Usually there is an underlying cause. One of the interesting things is that some people are obsessive about bad breath even though they don’t suffer from it. Others have this problem and are unaware of it.

There’s a simple test to find out if you’re someone who needs to get treated for this common ailment. All you need to do is put your palm over your mouth and breathe.

Poor Oral Hygiene

There’s really no way around it, the most common cause for bad breath is poor oral hygiene. Experts say there are actually two factors involved — the buildup of bacteria in your throat and food particles becoming lodged between your teeth.

However, there are some other factors that include the kind of food you eat. For example, onions are quite often one of the culprits behind bad breath. Garlic is another contributing factor.

Our Siglap Dental Surgery team is concerned with all different aspects of your dental hygiene. It’s important to us to find out the reason that you’ve got bad breath and to stop it before it contributes to a more serious dental problem.

Dry Mouth

One of the other problems that causes bad breath and halitosis is dry mouth. This is a condition where saliva dries up and allows bacteria to form in its place. For older people, the culprit can often be the kind of medications they take.

Tobacco is one of the other reasons that people can suffer from halitosis. Of course, as your dental practitioner, we recommend that you quit using all of these products. Smoking of course can cause a variety of health issues like cancer. Even chewing tobacco can cause lesions in your mouth which can lead to a malignancy.

Advanced and Welcoming

Our dental facilities are all technologically advanced and welcoming. The administrative staff that we hire are well-trained and pleasant.  Our Siglap Dental Surgery team is on the cutting edge of today’s latest surgery techniques.


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