Raffles Place Emergency Dental Care and Broken Adult Teeth

The Raffles Place emergency dental care experts that we have at our facility are always treating dental emergencies. One of the things they like to stress is that there’s no age limit for having an accident that can cost you a chipped tooth.

In fact, some of the problems that people have with their teeth are the result of things they might not expect like a loose crown or wisdom teeth that have shifted or moved. The list of things that require our emergency dental care is almost endless and knows no age bracket.

First off, it’s important to understand that the third leading cause of visits to an emergency dentist is a chipped tooth.

Adult and Baby Teeth

When you’re considering the differences between adult and baby teeth, it’s important to understand a few key things. For example, if a child chips one of their baby teeth, it’s not a big deal.

However, when you get your permanent teeth as an adult and something happens, it’s a good idea to make sure that you have the situation looked at as quickly as possible. There are some very big reasons why an adult with a missing tooth should come and see ourRaffles Place emergency dental care experts right away.

These include:

  • Even the smallest break in the tooth can cause problems eating. This is especially true if the root is exposed. As well, if the chip is at one of your front teeth, you might even have problems speaking.
  • There are other issues that need to be dealt with too including bacteria that can cause further decay. With a chipped tooth, there’s a space for food particles to get stuck if the situation is left untreated.
  • A broken tooth can be an embarrassing situation. It can undermine someone’s confidence and even their career if they work in a high-profile industry.

How It Happens

Even though the enamel on your teeth is considered exceptionally strong, it can crack or chip for a variety of different reasons. Household injuries and trips and falls are common ways for this injury to occur. Of course, many of the people we see are athletes who play contact sports.

Remember, teeth that have become weaker over time because of decay or neglect are also more susceptible to chipping and breaking.Raffles Place emergency dental care experts are always on call to help.

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