Safe Surgery

At MALO CLINIC NUFFIELD DENTAL for all wisdom teeth surgery, bone grafting and implant surgery we adopt strict full surgical setup.

We do this for the safety of our patients because this reduces cross-infection between patients, reduces infections after the surgery and increases success rates for surgical procedures.

All our wisdom teeth and implant surgeries are done using an electric motor driven surgical handpiece drill.

This machine is used as it does not contaminate the surgical site with lubricating oils, the torque is better regulated, it is cooled with saline which acts as a disinfectant wash and it is not air driven therefore reduces the risk of air being introduced into the body which can be serious and painful.

So what’s the difference? The drills connected to the dental chair:

This was conventionally used but for many years now it has been deemed inappropriate because it is air driven, the torque can vary, it has no saline spray associated with it and it is lubricated using oil. It is not safe for surgical procedures.

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