Simpang Bedok emergency dental care scenarios

There are several different circumstances where you’ll need Simpang Bedok emergency dental care. Below we’ve listed just a few of the more common situations. It’s important to remember our expert dental team is always ready to help you maintain a beautiful smile.

That said, here’s a few mishaps that can happen to the best of us.

A Broken Tooth

Everyone loves to play sports. It’s a great way to stay in shape and improve your outlook on life. However, you need to be aware of the fact that many of these high-octane games can cause severe injury to your teeth.

Sure, everyone knows that hockey players and football players tend to get knocked around and might dislodge a tooth. However, we’ll bet you didn’t know some of the more common activities regular folks love to do can be dangerous to those molars as well.

For example, research tells us many people suffer a broken tooth from skateboarding. If you knock out a tooth while enjoying this favorite pastime, we recommend you put it in a glass of saltwater. After that, hightail it to our emergency clinic where we’ll put it back in for you.

Losing A Crown

The need for Simpang Bedok emergency dental care isn’t always the result of a dramatic sporting incident. Sometimes, it might be something as simple as losing a crown during a meal and wanting to have it replaced right away.

During the years our emergency dental clinics have been in operation, we’ve seen many people come through our doors with a variety of urgent problems. People who lose a filling should come and see us so we can put things back in proper working order quickly.

An Abscess

Our core values fit perfectly with our emergency dental clinic services. We’re always available and compassionate and our staff are efficient and well-trained. For example, if you arrive suffering from a tooth abscess, we can repair the issueimmediately.

There are always a few scenarios where you’ll instinctively know you should get to one of our emergency dental clinicsas fast as possible. An exposed root or nerve is one example. When you bite down into your favorite food or sip a cold drink, you’ll instantly knowif you’ve lost some of the enamel and there’s a nerve sticking out.

No matter the situation, our Simpang Bedok emergency dental care professionals are there to help.

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