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Tongue Tie Surgery

Tongue Tie at Nuffield Dental Clinic Singapore

In our mouths, there are some attachments all along the sides of the cheek to the gum regions. One of the most noticeable attachments will be the one that links your tongue to the floor of the mouth in the centre of the lower jaw. This is called the lingual frenulum. This can be short or tight in some patients, limiting tongue movements. This condition is known as ankyloglossia or more commonly “tongue tie”. In some instances 'lip tie" may also accompany this condition.

In certain patients, speech and eating may be affected. The procedure to ‘release’ the tongue tie is a fairly simple procedure but should ideally be done by an experienced Dental Surgeon.

Should your infant or child require assessment, please ring one of our clinics to book an appointment. You can opt to use Baby Bonus or partial Medisave towards this procedure.

Most surgical services at NUFFIELD DENTAL can be performed under Local Anaesthesia, General Anaesthesia or intravenous sedation. (as requested by nervous patients)

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