• 20 JAN 18

    When Kovan wisdom tooth extraction is Necessary

    Of course, the goal is to keep your smile for a lifetime. However, there are some circumstances where our Kovan wisdom tooth extraction becomes necessary. While many of your teeth are easy to get at if they need to be removed, others like your wisdom teeth can present more of an issue. There are several

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    • 15 FEB 18

    Visit Raffles Place for wisdom tooth extraction tips

    Whenever we are discussing oral health and our Raffles Place wisdom tooth extraction services, we always tell our patients these are the last teeth to erupt. People usually get their wisdom teeth in the last part of their teenage years or early 20s. It’s recommended that people somewhere between 16 and 19 have their wisdom

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    • 17 JAN 18

    Simpang Bedok Wisdom Tooth Extraction And Senior Tooth Care

    Good dental health is important at every age. As you get older the routines that you need to have to maintain a beautiful smile change. If Simpang Bedok wisdom tooth extraction becomes necessary, we can look after that in an efficient and affordable way. Here are some other things that you should know about senior

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    • 05 FEB 18

    Simpang Bedok dental implants: what’s important

    We always find that a simple overview is a great way to start any discussion about Simpang Bedok Dental Implants. Like the name suggests, this simple implant can be used to replace a single tooth that’s been damaged or decayed. The surgical implant itself is placed directly into the jawbone. Crown After this implant attaches

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    • 03 JAN 18

    Simpang Bedok dental implants specialists and about oral cancer

    Oral cancer is considered one of the 10 most deadly cancers in the world. Our Simpang Bedok dental implants specialists are trained to look for the telltale signs. They are trained to look on the inside of your mouth and your lips before proceeding with any dental implant surgery. There are a few important things

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    • 03 MAR 18

    Simpang Bedok Dental Implant Surgery Recovery

    Our Simpang Bedok dental implant surgery process is dedicated to giving you a lasting smile you’ll enjoy for a lifetime. Because we want you to have all the information necessary, we’ve added a few words on recovery after your surgery. For the first day after you’ve had the operation, it’s a good idea to follow

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    • 15 MAR 18

    Simpang Bedok Dental Implant Surgery and Senior Oral Care

    A large number of our Simpang Bedok dental implant surgery patients are senior citizens. We like to tell them they need to practice good oral hygiene after implants are placed. Here are a few excellent tips for senior oral health care that you can memorize. Don’t Forget Fluoride it’s important to understand fluoride isn’t just

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    • 07 FEB 18

    Siglap wisdom tooth extraction and serious infections

    When you come to see us for our Siglap wisdom tooth extraction services, the chances are you’re going to need to have these teeth pulled. Of course, there are a variety of reasons why, one of the big ones are serious infections. Remember that your teeth have bundles of nerves inside them, so when you

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    • 15 JAN 18

    Siglap Wisdom tooth extraction and general dental health

    Your dental health is affected by many different factors. There are quite a few things that can necessitate a Siglap wisdom tooth extraction. People are often surprised to find out their lifestyle habits have a big effect on their dental health. Modern research has even pointed to obesity as one of the factors that can

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    • 05 MAR 18

    Siglap Emergency Dentist Postop Tips

    Our Siglap Emergency Dentist is always on hand to look after any of your emergencies. These professionals are all well trained and dedicated to preserving your teeth. In the event you have an emergency that requires surgery, we’ve put together some tips for postop care. Rinses It’s very important to keep up your oral hygiene

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    • 22 FEB 18

    Siglap Dental Implants and some of the latest findings

    When we place your Siglap dental implants, we are always on the lookout for any other conditions in your mouth that require our attention. It’s our primary concern that you have a healthy wonderful smile that lasts a lifetime.  Although oral cancer isn’t that common, we make it our business to stay up on all

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    • 12 JAN 18

    Serangoon Gardens wisdom tooth extraction

    At  MALO CLINIC NUFFIELD DENTAL, we are very proud of the Serangoon Gardens wisdom tooth extraction services that we offer. Our standards are geared toward having return clientele because each and every one of our patients leave our offices 100% satisfied. Transparency is one of the cornerstones of our business. The assessments each and every

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    • 01 JAN 18

    Serangoon Gardens dental implants advantages

    We like to think of our Serangoon Gardens dental implants as just the thing to give you a second lease with a good smile. If you’ve got some missing teeth, it’s important to make sure the space is filled for your dental health. There are some advantages to having this procedure done you might not

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    • 10 FEB 18

    Serangoon Gardens dental clinic adult oral care tips

    We are proud of the fact our Serangoon Gardens Dental Clinic looks after your dental health at every stage of your life. Of course, that includes our mature patients. That’s why we have made up some reference points to for you to look at. First off, it’s important to understand keeping an excellent smile into

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    • 10 JAN 18

    Seletar wisdom tooth extraction and some excellent flossing tips

    At  MALO CLINIC NUFFIELD DENTAL, it’s very important to us that you understand what’s in your best interest after the Seletar wisdom tooth extraction process is over. Our priority is always 100% patient satisfaction. To that end, we thought it might be in everyone’s best interest to go over flossing technique. Remember, proper dental hygiene

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