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Serangoon Gardens Root Canal: A History on Saving Your Tooth

Are you seeking reliable root canal treatment? You can consider a trip to our Serangoon Gardens clinic, which not solely has a picturesque location but is also a convenient place to visit. With its understated charm and peaceful aura, Serangoon Gardens makes for a lovely retreat away from the city.

If you’re visiting us, you can also look forward to hearing historical excerpts about various dental and endodontic treatments.

Did you know that root canal treatment dates back to the second or third century B.C.?  Somebody uncovered a human skull in an Israeli desert. One of the teeth had a bronze wire, which scientists assume was used to treat an inflamed or infected canal for deep decay. Archaeologists believe that the Romans carried out the first root canal procedure, and also invented dentures and crowns. 



A Brief History on Root Canals

There’s enough evidence to suggest that from the first century until the 1600s, root canal treatment consisted of draining the dental pulp chambers to get rid of pain, and later sealing them with a protective coating crafted from either gold foil or asbestos. In 1838, the first instrument used for treating root canals was created, which enabled easier access to the pulp tissue and nerve tissue within the roots of teeth. 

After a few years, in 1847 a secure material known as ‘gutta-percha’ was used as a filling, after cleaning out the root canal. These materials are still commonly used by endodontists for cleaning the tooth and pulp, which is a testament to their effectiveness. 

At our clinics, you can be sure of receiving professional root canal fillings and dental treatments for a cracked tooth or teeth, which use the current technology to provide you with useful and personalised care. 



Dental Hygiene in the Olden Days

In 1907, an American dentist called Alfred Fones realised the importance of oral care to eliminate bacteria that led to tooth decay. He tasked his cousin, Irene Newman, to perform dental prophylaxis (a cleaning procedure that thoroughly cleans the teeth) on patients. Irene paved the way for implementing dental hygiene duties in clinics, which led to the establishment of America’s first dental hygiene program. 

Back in the day, when toothbrushes didn’t exist, chewing on barks and sticks with frayed ends was common practice. Feathers and porcupine quills were used as toothpicks during the Greek and Roman empires. Similarly, the first toothpaste was created from a mix of pepper, salt, mint leaves, and iris flowers.  

Fluoridated water was another valuable addition to the dental hygiene initiative. In Singapore, a comprehensive fluoridation program is in place which covers the whole population.



Maintain Your Oral Health with Modern Dental Technology

Root canal and dental hygiene treatments have certainly come a long way. Now, we have safe and useful technological innovations designed to fix your oral issues in a seamless and pain-free manner. 

In the case of an infected pulp, your dentist will ensure the pulp is removed, without damaging the surrounding blood vessels. If you require root canal treatment or want to learn about maintaining your smile, please contact our team. Our general dentists have high success rates for treated teeth - be it temporary fillings or permanent ones.   

You can also book an appointment for a root canal dental procedure at our Serangoon Gardens clinic (located near Maju avenue). We look forward to helping you attain a brilliant smile!


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