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Dentures: More Than a Substitute for Lost Teeth

When teeth have been lost, dentures are often recommended. But dentures are more than “false teeth” or just artificial teeth. Dentures help to give support to your lips and cheeks. This support would have been lost as the gums and bone that used to support your teeth shrink, over time.

In some cases, when there has been extensive loss of teeth and bone, the face can look shrunken or collapsed.
A well-designed denture can raise the lips and make the cheeks fuller. It is almost like getting a facelift!

The advantages of dentures

Compared to other teeth replacement options, dentures are relatively inexpensive and can usually be completed within a few weeks. Dentures are non-invasive – there is no surgery involved in the fabrication of the denture – so even those who may have some medical conditions can use dentures. Dentures can be removed and cleaned easily. Dentures are versatile. They can be used if you have lost just one tooth or all the teeth.

What you need to know about dentures

Dentures are supported by the gums and the remaining teeth. In cases of full dentures, the dentures are supported solely by the bony ridge left after the teeth have been lost. This bony ridge continues to shrink through life so the fit of the dentures will be affected. It is necessary therefore, for the dentures to be adjusted or redone every 3-5 years.

Dentures require some time to adapt to. Initially, it may affect speech and eating efficiency. With full dentures, time must be taken for the tongue and lips to get used to and control the dentures. With patience and practice, one can learn to use dentures.

In cases where the bone has shrunk severely due to early loss of teeth or extensive gum disease , retention of the dentures can be enhanced with dental implants.

Dentures are customised just for you

Take time to discuss with us how you would like your appearance to be enhanced and your concerns with any old dentures you may have. Our dentist will see what is possible and work out options for you. Well-designed and well-constructed dentures do require several visits for completion. Each stage is essential to make sure that you are satisfied with the final denture. The treatment fee for the denture will vary according to the materials used and the design of the denture.

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