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8 Apr 2021
| 1 mins to read

Stress and Oral Health

Bruxism This refers to forceful grinding or clenching of the teeth, often unconsciously, during the day or at night during sleep. Many people who brux their teeth may not be aware...

8 Apr 2021
| 1 mins to read

When Is The Best Time for Braces?

It is good practice to take your child for regular checkups and ask if a problem of crooked teeth is anticipated. A child can be examined at the ages of 7 years, 9 years and 12...

8 Sep 2020

What is the Foundation of a Healthy Smile?

Gum Disease is Common than the common Cold. A study conducted at the National University of Singapore showed that 88% of Singaporeans have the disease. Indeed, gum disease is the...

7 Apr 2020

Tooth Mousse: Calcium Cream to Prevent Decay & Too...

What is Tooth Mousse? Tooth Mousse is a cream containing calcium (Recaldent or CPP-ACP). It is derived from a completely safe, milk protein. Tooth Mousse can be used daily at home...

8 Dec 2019

The Importance of Saliva

Saliva is a natural protector of your mouth Without saliva,

26 Mar 2019
| 1 mins to read

Dental Services for You and Your Family

What Can Smile Makers do for you and your family? Dental Checks for Pregnant Mums Contrary to old wives’ tales, it is good practice to have dental check-ups during your pregnancy...

14 Feb 2019
| 1 mins to read

Oral Care During Pregnancy

It is best to complete any expert dental work before pregnancy. Indeed, if you are contemplating having a baby, it is good practice to schedule a visit with us so that any little...

8 Oct 2018
| 2 mins to read

Signs of Gum Disease (Part 2)

Gum disease is a common dental problem that many experience, but often ignore. Reports have shown that nearly half of all adults have experienced some form of gum disease, and...

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