MALO CLINIC NUFFIELD DENTAL at Kovan, Bedok, Siglap & Serangoon Gardens are accredited by the Singapore Ministry of Health as a day surgery facility. Both Singaporeans and PermanentResidents of Singapore may be able to claim a portion of their surgical expenses from their Medisave Account.

Few dental procedures claimable under Medisave are Implant Surgery, Wisdom teeth surgery/ Wisdom tooth extraction, Bone grafting, Removal of cysts, and Biopsies.

If you do not have enough Medisave savings, you can use the Medisave savings of your immediate family members. However, the maximum amount of Medisave that can be withdrawn will be subjected to the Medisave claim limit for each bill. To know the cost for a particular dental procedure and other Medisave related information, call  MALO CLINIC NUFFIELD DENTAL at Siglap – 6636 1303 / Kovan – 6281 4313 / Simpang Bedok – 6702 3238 / Serangoon Gardens – 6280 7909 / Seletar – 6481 4261.

To know more information on Medisave Withdrawal Limits, please visit the following link,


To know more information on Medisave & Medishield claims by body part, please visit the following link,


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