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Dental Health Talks

Dental Health Talks at Nuffield Dental Novena

“Give a man a fish and you have fed him for the day.
Teach a man to fish and you have fed him for a lifetime”

At Nuffield Dental Novena, we believe that the most important role of a healthcare professional is to counsel and guide patients to achieve and maintain health. Treatment of a disease is solely temporary relief if the patient is not enabled to keep himself healthy. Hence, patient education is an integral part of our practice.We extend this service to the community by giving health education talks to organisations like clubs and corporations.

Dr. Asha is an experienced speaker having made presentations at public health forums and at private organisations. She has also been interviewed on radio and TV. Dr. Asha has a Performer’s Certificate in Public Speaking awarded by the Trinity College of London and attended courses which qualified her as a certified trainer. She is known for an engaging style of presenting health information.

Educational talks can be delivered on a variety of topics.


Smile Makeover: Is it for You?

Have you looked at models with their beautiful smiles and wondered how you, too, could have a smile that immediately wins people over?

Find out the modern techniques that can transform your smile.

In this, photo-filled talk, get the answers to questions like

  • Does tooth-whitening really work?
  • When is the best time to start braces?
  • What can be done to hide spaces between teeth?

Most importantly :

This talk will let the layperson know the right questions to ask the dentist so that they can make the right options for themselves if they do decide to have a “smile makeover”.

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Why Choose Nuffield Dental?

Nuffield Dental is a one-stop, multi-disciplinary dental care centre. At Nuffield, we put you first. We believe in providing personalised service for each patient.

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Nuffield Dental is a one-stop, multi-disciplinary dental care centre. Here at Nuffield Dental, we pride ourselves of our personalised oral care for each and every one of our patients. We need to make sure you get all the help you need to make your dental procedures comfortable, accessible and seamless.


Our dentists have been accredited in teeth straightening treatments for 20+ years. We have accredited dental providers who are skilled in the area of dental implant surgery.

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