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What is the Foundation of a Healthy Smile?

You might think that you have no holes in your teeth and so they are fine. But are the foundations of your teeth fine? The foundation of the teeth, the gums, can also “decay”.

Gum Disease is Common than the common Cold.

A study conducted at the National University of Singapore showed that 88% of Singaporeans have the disease. Indeed, gum disease is the common cause of tooth loss among adults..

It is a slowly developing disease.

People do not know that they have the disease because the early signs of the disease are often missed or ignored.

By the time pain is felt, the disease would be in its advanced state.

Gum Disease is an inflammation of the tissues around the tooth. And it is not a problem that is confined to the mouth.

There is increasing proof that reducing inflammation and preventing chronic infection may be as important to the health of your heart as reducing high cholesterol and blood pressure.

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