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Oral Care During Pregnancy

Good oral hygiene becomes even important during pregnancy, as the gums tend to be especially reactive to the hormonal changes in your body.

It is best to complete any expert dental work before pregnancy. Indeed, if you are contemplating having a baby, it is good practice to schedule a visit with us so that any little problems like cavities, broken fillings or undetected infections can be taken care of – and your mouth can stay trouble-free during your pregnancy.


The common oral problem associated with pregnancy is bleeding gums. This condition, called pregnancy gingivitis, can be controlled and even prevented with thorough scaling and polishing to remove tartar (calculus) and plaque that irritates the gums.This needs to be followed up with good brushing and flossing, twice daily at home. At Nuffield Dental, our dentists are dedicated to teach you the techniques of oral hygiene best for you. 

During pregnancy, a routine dental check-up and cleaning are recommended to make sure that a high level of cleanliness is maintained. This is especially so during the 4th to 8th months when bleeding from the gums is commonly seen.

Recent studies have shown that uncontrolled gum disease, or periodontitis, is associated with pre-term births. Considering all the complications of pre-term (premature) births, it makes sense to ensure that your mouth is clean and healthy during your pregnancy. So, don’t stay away from your dental check-ups! Use your check-up to assure yourself that your mouth is healthy and you are practising the right hygiene techniques.

If morning sickness keeps you from brushing with toothpaste, just brush with a wet toothbrush or use bland, non-foaming toothpaste. Frequent vomiting may cause wear or erosion of the dental enamel, which could lead to sensitivity at a later stage. Talk to us to see how this sensitivity can be managed.

If emergency dental work needs to be done due to pain, infection or injury, don’t delay getting it done. After all, if it improves your health, it’s probably good for your baby as well.

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