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Smoking and Oral Health

We all know that smoking causes bad breath. Apart from that, smoking affects the health of your mouth and lead to the problems below. 

1. Oral Cancer

Cancers of the mouth form about 3% of all cancers worldwide. Tobacco is the single riskiest cause of oral cancers. Tobacco has a direct carcinogenic effect on the cells or tissues lining the mouth (epithelial cells of the oral mucous membranes). The good news is that stopping smoking will eliminate the increased risk of development of oral cancer within 5-10 years.

2. Gum Disease

Gum disease, (commonly known as Periodontal Disease) can cause the bone supporting our teeth to be lost, eventually causing the teeth to become loose. There is a clear association between smoking and the severity of bone loss in gum disease. Some reports state that the severity of bone loss is up to 7 times greater than those who have never smoked

3. Slow healing after surgery

Smoking affects the way wounds in the mouth heal. This is an important factor when considering surgery. There is increasing evidence that tobacco is detrimental to both initial and long-term success rates of dental implants.

4. Stained Teeth

Even if you do not develop serious disease, you will definitely get nicotine stains on your teeth. These stains can be removed with scaling and polishing. As the teeth will get stained again with continued smoking, you would need to come often for a professional cleaning to enjoy the smooth, fresh feeling of clean teeth.

There really is no good reason to smoke. Quit smoking today to enjoy enhanced oral health

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